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Tanya Gurb, Owner

A Seattle native, natural MacGyver, and jack-of-all-trades. Tanya raised her daughter as a single mom in their White Center home, making ends meet by doing everything from owning a small business, interior painting, construction, house flipping, Airbnb management, commercial & civil project management, and landscaping. On top of her 20+ years of experience, she holds degrees in Construction Management A.A.S, Urban Studies Bachelors, G.I.S Geographical Information Systems Certificate, Landscape Management Certificate, and M.S. Project Management.

As a homeowner on a budget, her little property became the ultimate DIY laboratory for innovative solutions and creative problem-solving. She enjoys working in her own yard; experimenting with sustainable water solutions, planting vignettes, clearing, and filling in land. She is always sure to make time for volunteering with children's organizations locally and globally, helping out at church, brewing the occasional beer, and traveling with her daughter. 

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